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The aim of PEROXISOME database (PeroxisomeDB) is to gather, organise and integrate curated information on peroxisomal genes, their encoded proteins, their molecular function and metabolic pathway they belong to, and their related disorders.

PeroxisomeDB contains the complete peroxisomal proteome of Homo sapiens (encoded by 85 genes) and Saccharomyces cerevisiae (encoded by 61 genes).

They have included 34 new organism genomes with the acquisition of 2426 peroxisomal homolog proteins in 2009.

PeroxisomeDB 2.0 integrates the peroxisomal metabolome of whole microbody familiy by the incorporation of the glycosome proteomes of trypanosomatids and the glyoxysome proteome of Arabidopsis thaliana. 


PeroxisomeDB 2.0: an integrative view of the global peroxisomal metabolome
Agatha Schlüter1,2, Alejandro Real-Chicharro3, Toni Gabaldón4, Francisca Sánchez-Jiménez2,3 and Aurora Pujol1,2,5,*

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